The Offspin: Mixing sport and politics with Peter McGlashan

In the latest episode of The Offspin, cricketer, commentator, activist and aspiring local board rep Peter McGlashan joins the show to mix sport and politics.

The game was utterly frustrating. It was slow, things went wrong at key moments, it made people at home angry and now requires confusing calculations to figure out who will win.

So with all of that in mind, it was fitting to have aspiring politician Peter McGlashan join the show, given the parallels between the two professions.

A bunch of topics around cricket got covered, like how to support the grassroots of the game, why it’s so wrong-headed to not invest in women’s sport, and how cricket is meant to both pay for itself and be available to all on free to air TV.

And with the game poised at 211-5 after 46.5 overs of the first innings, there was also plenty to get into about the batting performance. Does Kane Williamson trust his teammates, and did he and Ross Taylor go too slow? All that and more on this episode of The Offspin.

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