Trent Boult having a normal one after getting Virat Kohli out in the 2019 ICC semi-final (Getty Images)

The Offspin: Savour it, because we’re going to Lord’s

In today’s episode of The Offspin podcast, Simon Day and Alex Braae go absolutely berserk over the semi-final win that put the Black Caps into the Cricket World Cup final.

It took 29 hours and two nights, but the Black Caps have somehow managed to beat the mighty India to advance to the Cricket World Cup final. As you might imagine, this means rather a lot to the podcast.

We unpick the chase, and how quickly the commentators were to write off the Black Caps once MS Dhoni and Ravi Jadeja got going. We talk about what it means for Martin Guptill’s tournament now that he has earned his place as a specialist fielder. We debate the new cricketing format of games stretched over two nights. And we dig into some of the more misleading stats that were thrown around during the game, like whether or not Dhoni is actually a good closer.

Plus, Simon confirmed his plans, once and for all, to get the iconic Clear logo from the teal era tattooed somewhere on his body if the Black Caps win the final. And Alex matched it with a pledge to get a tattoo of a two toed foot if Martin Guptill scores a double century in the final. The things we do for our obsession. All that and more, on this special celebratory episode of The Offspin.

FULL EMOTIONAL REPORT: The Black Caps are going to the final after a night of crazed, cathartic dreams

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