Politics: John Key at the UN – Watch the Full Speech, or Read the 15-Second Version

Earlier today the New Zealand prime minister delivered his address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Here’s the whole thingamy:

It was fairly brief, as far as these sorts of things go, but we know how busy you are, so we’ve boiled it down to a snackable 100 words:

Mr President. The UN is choice, but also sometimes sucks. We went for the Security Council because we think it should be choice. The Iran deal was good. Syria bad. Evil and terror. Social media.

NZ is doing its best. Training. Taking refugees.

Mr President, the Security Council is failing. The permanent five and their vested interests. The veto? A travesty. Limit it. Stop being dicks.

The Sustainable Development Goals are good. Climate change is bad. Let’s do a deal in Paris. Oceans are good. Check out our Kermadec sanctuary.

And the Security Council is pathetic on Syria, Mr P.

Murray McCully and Bronagh Key were among the enraptured audience

Murray McCully and Bronagh Key were among the enraptured audience


The full speech can be read here.

BONUS FEATURE: Key’s statement in French.


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