The winner of the great Spinoff ‘colouring in thing’ is announced

In which Steve Braunias selects the winner of the great Spinoff ‘colouring in thing’.

“Very exciting” and “FFS” were among the remarks made by judges of the first ever Spinoff Review of Books colouring-in contest held yesterday on Twitter.

Readers were asked to colour in a drawing I made based on various New Zealand books. The prize was the entire catalogue of Luncheon Sausage Books – my political masterpiece Madmen: Inside the Weirdest Election Campaign Ever (2014), and Jane Bloomfield’s junior fiction novel Lily Max: Satin Scissors Frock (2015).

The idea was taken from novelist William Gibson who amusingly remarked on his Twitter account that he was thinking of putting in some colouring-in pictures for adults at the end pages of his next book. The Spinoff Review of Books went: “LOL that’s funny.” And then: “Actually that’s genius.”

Hence the drawings and the prize, and the entries, and now the judging.

The judges thought this one was interesting for the hair on Dixon’s arms.




The judges said this one by Wintec j-school legend and Queenstown journalist Dasha Kaprienko was pretty, but noted that “she went over the lines”.




The judges said they liked the T-shirt in this one.



The judges said this one was “pretty hard-out bro”.



They liked this other one by Ruth Spencer even more



The judges were impressed by the three entries sent in by one “talented mofo”.







But the winning one was this one by someone called Writersquid. The judges said: “FFS.”




Could “Writersquid” please email so we can send out your prize pack. Congratulations to him or her or it, and thank you to who entered. Judges said the entries were “very exciting”.

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