The Monday excerpt – new photography by Fiona Pardington

A lavish new book of photographs by artist Fiona Pardington.

“Taking a photograph is like tilting at windmills. It’s taking on the universe,” says Fiona Pardington.

Yes, that sounds like a load of pretentious and boring old tosh to us, too, but she’s a pretty amazing artist and her exquisitely produced new book Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation includes essays by writers such as Ron Brownson and Susan Best, an interview with the always lively Andrew Paul Wood, and over 150 images. We present three, below.

Sex of Metals I

Sex of Metals I

Sex of Metals II

Sex of Metals II


My Mother’s Roses, Pomegranates and Plastic Bottles

Fiona Pardington: A Beautiful Hesitation  (Victoria University Press, $70) is available at selected bookstores.


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