How would some of our favourite TV characters vote in the US election?

We’ve heard from nearly every celebrity and their dog about which presidential candidate to vote for. But which box would some of our favourite TV characters be ticking tomorrow? 

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation

“Ron would not like Hillary either. She is a career politician. Ron has no love of career politicians… he would certainly vote Hillary over Trump, if he had to choose between the two”

Nick Offerman stars as Ron Swanson in NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation." The show airs on Thursdays on NBC (8:30-9 p.m. ET). (Mitchell Haaseth/Courtesy NBC/MCT)

All signs pointed to Trump: the loathing of politicians, the guns, the distinctive head of hair. But Parks and Rec’s favourite anti-government woodworker Ron Swanson would use his vote very differently, according to an incredibly reliable source.

Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter

“He’s just no pussy. I’m sorry to use that word, but that’s the fact, he’s not a pussy. When he says something, he means it.” – Beth Chapman to The Daily Beast, 2016.


Everyone’s favourite fingerless-glove-wearing Dolly Parton lookalike has publicly endorsed Trump, and has even donated $2,700 to his campaign. Time to listen to take the lyrics in the theme song to this iconic show even more seriously. There really is fear and darkness all around us.

Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife


The best character from The Good Wife (and the only one who seemed to have control over her life) would never disclose who she votes for. Kalinda doesn’t confide in anyone, least of all you, a stranger, so don’t even bother. But if she wanted to, she could probably vote about 50 times for whoever she wanted by beating up random citizens and making them vote in her interests.

Kramer from Seinfeld


Nothing Kramer ever does makes sense, and for that reason alone he would vote Trump, just to drive Jerry and Elaine crazy. Oh and I guess another reason might be a certain racist rant that will never not be affiliated with his character for all of eternity …

Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad


Pinkman would forget to vote via passing out under a pile of Funyuns but, if Walt forced him to, he’d vote for Gary Johnson #freetheweed.

Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms


After pleading guilty to smuggling $120,000 into the United States in ziploc bags, hot head felon Abbey Lee Miller would kneeslide right into the Trump camp. Because money laundering is just good business. Progress. Deals. Sniff.

David Hasselhoff from Hoff the Record

Despite the infamous red swimming trunks, he recently spoke out during a zombie video junket, and it looks like this Hoff is voting for Hilz. Fingers crossed he does a slow motion jog to the booth.


Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock

It’s a true testament to the 30 Rock writers that they managed to make a very blatant Trump supporter so likable. Jack Donaghy would vote for Trump, not because he likes him, but because he would never vote for a non-Republican. (For a Spinoff investigation on the Donaghy-Trump links, click here.) Also this:


Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Enough said.

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