This week I played: Return to Neko Atsume

The world may have lurched hungrily in the direction of block-buster Pokémon GO, but Joseph Harper is still enjoying quiet feline pleasures. Here we check in on him and see what’s new in the world of Neko Atsume.

Toward the end of last year I was turned on to Hit-Point’s immensely pleasurable orphan cat simulator, Neko Atsume. Since then I’ve checked in on my cat ranch around five times a day. Times are no longer tough. I don’t scrimp on weak biscuits or jelly meat anymore. My cats enjoy a diet of pure sashimi at the very least. They have a complete array of toys, cushions, and scratching towers to recline on. It’s no minor skite to say that my cats knead their little paws into the lap of luxury.


Other mobile games have come hard and fallen from prominence on my ‘game app’ page. I deleted the skiing game I use to like. I haven’t played Subway Surfer in fricken ages. I have no idea of the current state of my arty Irish Mountain simulation. But every day I make sure my cats are fed and photographed, lest they show a hint of unhappiness I know full well they’re incapable of.

To start with it was a completist urge. Though it’s pretty simple to snag a beautiful photograph of all the cats. It’s just a case of putting out their favourite plaything (a ten gallon hat for Billy the Kitten, a luxury hammock for Lady Meow-Meow) and keeping the kibble bowls filled with top-notch chow. The difficult part is collecting “mementos”. They seem to be randomly distributed and all you can really do is keep on keepin’ on and hope the local kits are pleased enough with your efforts to  leave behind a tiny toothbrush or mysterious gem.


The other way the Neko Atsume gods keep things interesting is by regularly updating with new playthings and rare cats. At Christmas they introduced the world to chilly little kitty Frosty. A candy themed update gave the world some bizarre cake platter type climbing things as well as the disgustingly bougie Jeeves and Sapphire.

The latest update included the gentle torti angle Pasty and the humorously patchy Chip. Plus a new rare cat: gorgeous pirate baby, Bengal Jack.


Bad ass kitty kat

I currently have all the cats photographed and own the mementos of everyone but Bengal Jack. Fingers crossed he responds to the booty I’ve been putting out. There’s a chance I’ll be chugging along with this game until I die. I assume one day they’ll put out a fully mean augmented reality version and then my life will be totally taken over.

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