Pure Chrystal #2: On the difference between men and women

In a week-long series, Alex Casey gets reality star Chrystal Chenery’s take on the world over coffee and scones. Her opinions about both her time in the spotlight and life in general were so fierce – and so candid – that it seemed appropriate to publish her responses in full. Today Chrystal talks about how men and women are programmed differently, and what women can do to fix it. Click here for part one on The Bachelor.

Do you women know that men are actually really lucky to have us? We make their life better, we add all the softness to their life. Men: we look after you, we love you and we make your life fucking better. I just think that women should have more of that attitude and more confidence.


Women need to be really careful who they sleep with – and even who they breathe with. Stop having babies with bad men. That ultimately would fix the world; if women stopped mating with fuckwits. They don’t care where the rubbish is going when they throw it out the window, they don’t care about any shit like consciously raising their children.

Women have got a lot of choices and we have the power to change the world. I had this massive epiphany about everything, you know Mad Max right? All of a sudden the women wake up, men have already fucked the world, there’s no fucking water, or animals, or nothing. They’re not milking cows anymore, they’re keeping the women pregnant on the milking machines so they can drink their fucking milk. This world is just like that, massively out of balance from women thinking they can’t do anything.

Why do women have it programmed in their head they’re not good enough and why do men have it programmed in their head that they’re fucking amazing? We’ve actually got the opposite programming. Men think they’re amazing all the time. If you happen to be looking at a guy and you’re looking just past him, he thinks you want him. Then women are the opposite. There’s that voice programmed to be like “What’s he looking at? Have I got food on my face?!”


I listened to one of your podcast On The Rag and I was reading Lean In at the time. Sheryl Sandberg says in her book about New Zealand being the head of the world with equality for men and women – it’s really not. These terrible things happen on the commercial radio shows – like George with the slut-shaming – and obviously there’s all those other instances from last year. I feel like what happened to me is obviously on a completely different scale of sexism [to other countries] – but I’d never experienced anything like it before.

Come back tomorrow for Chrystal on the incident known as ‘crotchgate’


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