Illustration: Toby Morris, obviously

Politics in pubs podcast: Danyl Mclauchlan, Andrea Vance and Neale Jones

In the first of a series of now-virtual events, Danyl is joined by a journalist and a former political staffer to discuss politics and the media.

Two months ago today, Spinoff Members and Verb Wellington cheerfully unveiled a new collaboration: a series of live events at the tremendous Meow bar. And, well, everyone knows what happened next.

But the prospect of Danyl Mclauchlan talking to brilliant Stuff journalist Andrea Vance and the always insightful former chief-of-staff to the Labour leader turned director of Capital Government Relations Neale Jones was too appetising to abandon entirely. So the trio logged on and podded up. As you might expect, it wasn’t quite the conversation we’d imagined when we dreamed the whole thing up.

Please pour yourself a beverage of your choice and hit play.

Brought to you by Verb Wellington and The Spinoff Members

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