Neko Atsume – Into the abyss of misery

The smartphone game/cat simulator Neko Atsume (“kitty collector”) has become an obsession for many around the world. We’ve raved about its charm and relaxing backyard vibe. However for one man the constant bombardment of cats and the never-ending pressure to keep them fed was too much.

Over the course of a few months the twitter feed of The Spinoff producer José Barbosa has chronicled his fascination with the infamous cat collecting game Neko Atsume. Unfortunately before too long it also documented the spiralling mental erosion of a man harried beyond his breaking point. What we present here is a cautionary tale to others in the game’s thrall.












(Ed – It’s my sad duty to inform The Spinoff friends and Whānau that on filing the preceding story José immediately took ill. He is currently recuperating on a make-shift bed in his beloved Dennys, New Lynn. Those wishing to contribute to his recovery can send individually marked packets of cheeseballs care of The Spinoff, 30 Customs street.)  

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