Sports: The (Non) Official 2015 RWC (Non) Drinking Game

We thought about doing a Rugby World Cup drinking game, but, let’s face it, that would be kind of seedy for games that kick off at 4am and 8am.

So instead, in a breakfast mood, The Spinoff presents a (Non) Drinking Game, in which the penalties involve the consumption of dry breakfast cereal biscuits (such as but not exclusively Weetbix) and shots of milk as rewards.


Every time you hear or see the following you must consume a breakfast cereal half-biscuit:

  • “They have come to play”
  • “The crowd will tell you”
  • “You can only play what’s put in front of you”
  • A reference to Brodie Retallick’s work rate
  • A reference to where Nehe Milner-Skudder was a year ago
  • Somebody in the crowd notices themselves being shown on the big screen
  • A streaker
  • A player tearing up during the national anthem
  • A player getting the words wrong during the national anthem
  • You getting the words wrong during the national anthem


Every time you hear or see the following you must consume a full breakfast cereal biscuit:

  • “You never know which French team is going to turn up”
  • “Siege mentality”
  • “Scotland the brave”
  • “The luck of the Irish”
  • “Injury plagued Wales”
  • “Whitebaiting”
  • “The Hooper-Pocock combination”
  • “Theirry Henry”
  • A coach slams his headgear onto the desk
  • Chris Cairns appears in the crowd or your lounge
  • “The ghosts of 2007”


Every time the following happens, you may drink a slug of milk (or suitable substitute for the lactose intolerant):

  • A try is scored
  • Someone is tearing up in the crowd
  • There is any kind of malfunction in the screening
  • A medical professional advises you to drink milk


Every time the following happens you may overlook the time of day and break out the booze:

  • The All Blacks are knocked out of the World Cup
  • The All Blacks win the World Cup

Hands in the middle!

The Rugby World Cup 2015 Quarter-Final Lineup

All NZ time

Sunday October 18

4am – South Africa v Wales, Twickenham, London

8am – All Blacks v France, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

(Winners meet in Semifinal 1)

Monday October 19

1am – Ireland v Argentina, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

4am – Australia v Scotland, Twickenham, London

(Winners meet in Semifinal 2)

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