GamingDecember 27, 2017

Summer reissue: The worst Crash Bandicoot session ever recorded by man


Back by lukewarm demand On The ‘Reg is The Spinoff’s regular gaming session streamed live every Wednesday at 7pm on Facebook and Twitch. This highlights package sees José Barbosa and Madeleine Chapman playing Crash Bandicoot: the N.sane trilogy. 

First published on 7 November 2017.

Now the new 2017 cleaned up version of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy is out, On the ‘Reg decided to give it a hoon.

What was supposed to be a fun after-work activity turns into a heart wrenching plunge into despair as José and Madeleine discover they really, really suck at Crash Bandicoot.

Warning: NSFW on account of many, many swears

This post, like all our gaming content, comes to your peepers only with the support of Bigpipe Broadband. We played our hearts out on gear supplied by PLAYTECH.

Mad Chapman, Editor
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