Appointment Viewing: From Beauty Hunters to Zombie Killers – Five Shows to Watch This Week

Woah, busy alert! I see you, shuffling papers and scrolling through your calendar with a furrowed brow. Life is crazy, life is hectic. TV? Forget about it! What a nightmare! Lucky for you, we have had a scan of the week ahead and have got your five essential television appointments booked. Sit back, relax and let the trusty Spinoff guide you through your television week.

Fear The Walking Dead, Monday at 3.30pm and 8.30pm on SoHo

Here at The Spinoff, we bloody love a good spin-off. And if that spin-off happens to star a bloody NZ legend? Even better. Set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, we meet a whole set of new characters (including aforementioned legend Cliff Curtis) facing the beginning of the end of the world in Los Angeles. How will our kiwi battler fare in the decomposing face of an undead apocalypse? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, Wednesday at 8pm on TV One


Put down that bloody Trumpet Rach – it’s time to investigate important beauty secrets from all around the world. You can’t take an ice-cream through customs, you utter maniac. Billed as “global odyssey”, the documentary series follows Hunter as she meets individuals who think they have the secrets to great health, eternal youth and presumably the Zodiac Code.

Struggle Street, Wednesday at 8.30pm on TV One

The first in a three-part documentary series following the stories of poverty-stricken families living in West Sydney. Promising “stories of challenge, hardship and triumph against overwhelming odds”, click here to read Finlay Macdonald’s piece about how the series became a ratings slam dunk in Australia.

From Dusk Till Dawn, Wednesday at 9.30pm on The Zone


The second season in this Robert Rodriguez reboot of his own 1996 film arrives to The Zone this week. Going far beyond the story of the cult classic, season two mysteriously promises even bigger threats to the characters than ever before. It’s  got Robert Rodriquez, vampires and Fez from That 70s Show – what more do you want in this life?

Strippers, Thursday at 11.10pm on TV One

A new UK documentary series going behind the beaded curtains of Scotland’s most famous strip clubs, revealing the harsh realities of the industry and the everyday lives of the women after the red lights get switched off. Could be a good antidote of truth compared to the oily sheen of Magic Mike XXL.

Bonus Binge Watch: American Horror Story (S1-3) on Lightbox

Intrigued by the brand new teasers for the latest season of American Horror Story: Hotel? Feed your ravenous horror appetite by revisiting the first three seasons of this skin-crawling spectacle of spooky television on Lightbox. It’ll only take you 27 hours, you big wimp.

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