Mike Hosking has many questions.

The Sunday List: 30 times Mike Hosking answered a question from Mike Hosking

Leading New Zealand broadcaster has many questions for himself.

As one of New Zealand’s leading broadcasters, Mike Hosking asks a lot of people a lot of questions. Including himself. Drawn from his published opinion pieces from the last few months, here is a selection of Hosking asking questions and answering them.

  1. Are the Asian internet giants there? No.
  2. Can you bring them in? Yes.
  3. Is raising the super age a vote getter? No.
  4. Can you find anyone locally? No.
  5. Can our banks mount a case that they are good and safe? Yes.
  6. Is Eugenie Sage single-handedly wrecking our economy? No.
  7. Back to Philip Morris: is there merit in their offer? Yes.
  8. Would anyone really care if TVNZ 1 started showing a lot of Māori programmes, bird documentaries, foreign travel shows, and long-format interview specials? No.
  9. What the hell has a rugby team got to do with a madman and a gun? Answer: Nothing.
  10. Electric? Not so much.
  11. Was it perfect or a magic bullet? Of course not.
  12. Is there a gap? Could be.
  13. Do you reckon back in 2017, in the election campaign, if she had wandered round telling us she wanted cars banned, she might have damaged her parties vote? Yes.
  14. Do we want to add needless cost to our lives and businesses? No.
  15. Has the number of cars dropped? No.
  16. Do we drive less? No.
  17. Are we not buying new cars? No.
  18. Is this something that someone like Netball New Zealand need to deal with?No.
  19. If someone wants to kill people, and wants to use legally sourced automatic weapons, has the government made that harder? Yes.
  20. Does it follow logically that the fewer guns you have, the less chance there is of a nutter getting their hands on one? Yes.
  21. Could he still do his job with something else? Yes.
  22. You think we will all embrace mass produced Chinese boxes? I don’t think so.
  23. Is it possible to do anything if you’re mad enough and determined enough?No.
  24. Are National out, or in trouble? In a way, yes.
  25. Does she support him? Apparently yes.
  26. Do they want to? I don’t think so.
  27. Is it going to stop? I can’t see it.
  28. Theoretically, would it be nice to have balance? Of course.
  29. What have these people offered by way of solution? Nothing.
  30. Why? Because I have a lot of questions that haven’t been answered.

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