Beached Az is back, baby!

Ten years after that blue whale first woke up on a New Zealand beach, Beached Az is coming back to our screens. Below, an exclusive Beached Aziversary trailer plus details of what to expect from the new 10-episode series.

The team behind the 2008 Youtube behemoth Beached Az (Anthony Macfarlane, Jarod Green and Nick Boshier) today release their 10-year Beached Aziversary trailer, proudly funded by the good eggs at Screen Australia.

Each episode of Beached Aziversary will tackle an issue relating to ocean health – hilarious topics like global warming, over-fishing, farmed-fishing, careless marine engineering, micro-biology, pollution, coral bleaching, environmental neglect, and that age-old chestnut unchecked capitalism. Sounds like a real hoot.

The 10-part Beached Aziversary series is currently in production, with a planned March 2019 release date.

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