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The ones that got away: 10 Spinoff stories we thought were great but bugger-all people read

It may surprise you to hear that not every article published on the Spinoff is read by tens of thousands of discerning punters. Here are some of the (relatively) neglected crop that we think warranted more click-love.

Yesterday we published the top 20 most read posts of the year. Today we turn our attention to the runts of the litter: the stories that, relatively speaking, were ignored, neglected, spat at, left shivering and unloved on a cold concrete website floor. Or, more precisely, those left shivering and unloved on a cold concrete website floor that we think deserved to be read by more people.

In no particular order …

1. We found it: the stray cat who’s ruining Auckland

In the words of one independent commentator who is the author of the piece, this brave journey into the Super City’s cult feline underbelly was a “criminally neglected” piece, and truly a must-read.


2. The sporting spectacles we must bring back right now

Cricket Max, the Queens St Mile, North vs South rugby and more. Bathe, bathe, luxuriate in this journey through New Zealand sporting nostalgia. Truly, a must-read.

3. Why can’t we talk at the tennis?

Back in the depths of January, Spinoff talisman and ball-sport fan Duncan Greive wrote about tennis spectator etiquette and frankly no one cared what he thought. More fool them, because this was, and still is, truly a must-read.

Jelena Ostapenko of Latvia speaks with the umpire during her singles match against Naomi Broady of Great Britain during day three of the 2016 ASB Classic at ASB Tennis Arena (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

A tennis picture. Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

4. When was the exact moment that Elliot in Mr Robot got hot? A Spinoff science experiment

Lucy Zee undertakes an important television experiment. Even if you haven’t seen Mr Robot before, this, truly, is a must-read.

5. The truth about The Ridges’ infamous mouse scene – a Spinoff investigation

Actually quite a lot of people clicked on this one, but an independent commentator, Hayden Donnell, insists that it did not receive the attention or adulation deserved of a piece that is so clearly and truly a must-read.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.42.59 PM

6. ‘How can I explain what you gave me?’ On family, and the unexpectedness of love

This deeply personal essay about “a boy it would be an honour to have, and to love” and his mother, by young writer Chessie Henry, is truly a must-read.

7. Meet the new boss, definitely not the same as the old boss – on Phil Goff’s first days as mayor

Simon Wilson’s incisive and brilliant account of Phil Goff’s first month-and-a-bit as mayor of Auckland got lost a bit in the Key resignation blur. So revisit it now: truly a must-read.


8. That’s enough c***! A plan to save the c-word

Warning: contains swears. But still a pretty flipping good read from Jessica Williams – in fact, it’s truly a must-read.

9. ‘It’s a beautiful signature’ – Five seconds with home cooking hero Nigella Lawson

Calum Henderson’s very short odyssey with Nigella is truly a must-read.

10. A scientist tests Police Ten 7’s ‘blow on the pie’ thermonuclear theory

What kind of a monster wouldn’t want to eat this with their eyes? Truly, a must-read.



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