THE D4 (L-R): Dion Lunadon, Vaughn Williams, Daniel Pooley, Jimmy Christmas (Photo: Supplied)

Auckland City Limits primer: The return of the D4 (WATCH)

Rock revivalists The D4 have reformed for a final hurrah at Auckland City Limits and the closing of the Kings Arms. To help prepare you for ACL, The Spinoff retraces their career in 106 seconds. 

It wasn’t until the “New Rock Revolution” of the early-2000s – spearheaded by music magazines like NME and Rolling Stone – that Auckland band The D4 really took off. They had been at it for a few years already, and had developed a reputation for putting on one of the most explosive shows around, when they found themselves mentioned in the same conversation as acts like The White Stripes, The Strokes and local heavy-riffing bffs The Datsuns.

First came their 2001 debut, 6Twenty, which featured The D4’s most well-known songs ‘Party’, ‘Exit To The City’ and ‘Get Loose’. The record was a blast of attitude and energy. Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys would even name it as the record that changed his life.

The D4 released their second album Out Of My Head in 2005, although the end was already in sight. They broke up just a year later, leaving behind two albums and a lasting impression as one of the most frantic, noisy and unmissable acts to come out of the early-2000s rock revival.

“Looking back on it, I have no regrets. It was what it was. I had the time of my life off the back of that first album, so you can’t really regret that. And maybe if it was different, that stuff wouldn’t have happened. It all worked out for the best,” frontman Dion Lunadon told The Spinoff last month.

The D4 play at 6pm on the Tamaki Stage at Auckland City Limits, sponsored by Spark, at Western Springs Stadium and Park on 3 March 2018. Tickets are available here

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