Till Dawn: The last dance of The Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn, the Ponsonby pop-up bar that accidentally lasted seven and a half years, closed on Sunday morning. Simon Day and Emily Raftery were there, cameras in hand.

What he came as, no-one knows. Photo: Simon Day

Taking shelter. Photo: Simon Day

The Queen. Photo: Simon Day

Decor. Photo: Simon Day

Man of the hour. Photo: Simon Day

Play hard. Photo: Simon Day

No sign on the door. Photo: Simon Day

Shaking off the rain. Photo: Simon Day

Sunshine in the rain. Photo: Simon Day.                                          

Jane. Photo: Simon Day.

A moment captured. Photo: Simon Day.

Matching banana skirts. Photo: Emily Raftery

This is IT. Photo: Emily Raftery

Crawley on the mic. Photo: Emily Raftery

Crowds gathered. Photo: Emily Raftery

Shining sequins. Photo: Emily Raftery

A la Grace Jones at ACL. Photo: Emily Raftery

How low can you go? Photo: Emily Raftery

How about you? Photo: Emily Raftery

Hands down. Photo: Emily Raftery

Skull and flowers. Photo: Emily Raftery

Shimmy and shimmer. Photo: Emily Raftery

They rise at dusk. Photo: Simon Day

Rockstar moment. Photo: Emily Raftery

Selfie. Photo: Simon Day

Who is it? Photo: Simon Day.

They flocked, and it was worth the wait. Photo: Simon Day

The night darkens. Photo: Simon Day

Caught. Photo: Simon Day

A guest appearance by Bjorn Borg. Photo: Emily Raftery.

Sing loud. Photo: Simon Day

Can’t hide the happy. Photo: Simon Day

Feel the vibes. Photo: Emily Raftery.

So much excitement. Photo: Simon Day

Don’t let go. Photo: Emily Raftery.

Leave your mark. Photo: Simon Day

Last night the DJ changed my life. Photo: Emily Raftery.

Like there’s no tomorrow. Photo: Simon Day

Paws up. Photo: Emily Raftery.

The Champions. Photo: Simon Day

A decorative diamond. Photo: Simon Day

Sharing is caring. Photo: Simon Day

Family. Photo: Emily Raftery.

Love. Photo: Simon Day

Read our interview with The Golden Dawn’s Matthew Crawley and Nick Harrison here.

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