Potential Names for the Block Baby

The Block viewers were in for a shocking shock at the end of last Thursday’s episode when it was revealed that Quinn and Ben are weirdly pregnant. Weird because they’re currently sleeping in what is essentially a highly-centralised Point Chev mini-slum.

The Block’s best couple have obviously been enjoying their time under the tarpaulin. The pair don’t seem too concerned about the prospect of building a friggin’ house while 13 weeks pregnant. At this stage the primary concerns of Ben and Quinn should probably be pre-natal vitamin intake, considering they’ll be eating exclusively at BP petrol stations for the next month or so. Surely a couple of lasagna toppers are in order?

Also loving their “Team Motto”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 7.53.18 pm

Anyway, they are fully knocked up and now they have to figure out what to call the baby. Here are some suggestions with the appropriate gender denoted in brackets:

– Hammer (Girl)

– Nail (Boy)

– Nail-gun (Girl)

– Concrete (Boy)

– Drill (Boy)

– Drywall (Unisex)

– Bunnings (Girl)

– Chevalier (French)

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– Dulux (Dog)

– Wild Bean Café (Girl)

– Roof (Boy)

– Mark Richardson (Unisex)

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