Sneak Preview: Shelton Woolright’s Cool Story, Bro for Jono and Ben

News broke yesterday that Jono and Ben was being considered as a replacement for Campbell Live – which would have been up there with KillsMoon as the most scandalising TV moment of this or any other year. Thankfully a recent press release has informed us, in extremely certain terms, that the speculation was entirely, indisputably ill-founded. Phew.

Instead Jono and Ben and Guy and Rose and all them remain at 7.30 on Fridays, like nature intended it, and doing what they do pretty bloody well: sketching and pranking and generally behaving like teenagers who still can’t quite believe they’ve been given the keys to one of TV3’s televisual Porsches.

MediaWorks’ lovely and kind-hearted publicity department have exclusively loaned us 25 seconds of tonight’s Cool Story, Bro, The segment involves the cast recreating a favourite misadventure of a visiting celeb guest (here’s a particularly amazing one involving everyone’s favourite Foo, Red Foo). Tonight’s cool storyteller is Shelton Woolright, X Factor NZ judge and MediaWorks’ second-most-handsome man-property after the walking Rodin sculpture that is Art Green.

The sketch involves a fashion show in Paris, which is an odd location for Shelton ‘No Sleeves, thanks’ Woolright, but an even less appropriate place to put Jono and/or Ben. Though Matafeo looks born to play an angry French fashion-person in a skivvy. Suffice to say that even though we never see a hint of it on screen, it’s near inevitable that it’ll involve Ben wearing a dress at some point.

Watch below, and tune in for the full-length version at 7.30pm tonight on TV3.

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