The Week in News: Smashed Palaces, Space Stations and Saul’s Big Start

We have rounded up the important TV news of the week, so you can impress your friends and family over the weekend. //

Smashing News For Smash Palace
Sky has announced this week that they are working on an all-new local reality series to air on The Box called Smashed Palace. The eight-part series will follow the daily lives of the staff, customers and general shenanigans that go down at the iconic Horopito car wreckers. All we know at this stage is that they have a hell of a website.

Saying Goodbye to Jon Stewart
Here’s some real news from the king of fake news: Jon Stewart will be retiring from The Daily Show sometime in the near future. Ex-Presidents, TV doctors and fast food joints took to Twitter to mourn satire’s silver fox:

Saying Hello to Better Call Saul
On Monday, Lightbox exclusively premiered the first episode of Better Call Saul, followed by the episode two on Tuesday express from the US. The Breaking Bad spinoff/prequel has been largely met with critical praise, blending the slick style of it’s evil older brother with a more character-driven, lighthearted tone. We suggest you spend your weekend catching up here on Lightbox if you haven’t already, and then feel free to read my spoiler-filled recaps here.

The Grammys Happened
Yep, the Grammys happened. Kanye upset everyone again by getting in the way of Beck’s glory, Iggy Azalea wore a loaf of bread on her head and the world was introduced to star-on-the-rise Paul McCartney. Everyone’s favourite rockers AC/DC opened the show with a stunning array of bakerboy caps, and Sam Smith won everything. Kristen Wiig doing the ‘Chandelier’ dance was obviously the best moment:

The IT Crowd Goes to Space
Sort of. Graham Lineham is taking his workplace concerns to the stars in a brand new show. Half sci-fi, half sitcom, it will be set in a space station orbiting the earth. Lineham has enlisted the writing help of comedian Adam Buxton, star of Hot Fuzz and absolute comedy classic Attack the Block. With the pilot just-written, the series has already been commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4. Obviously this won’t arrive in New Zealand until about 2034, but until then we can look forward to some zero-gravity comedy that might just surpass Homer eating a bag of space chips.

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