Hal Crawford (Image: Alice Webb-Liddall)

The Fold: Hal Crawford on reviewing the NZ Media Fund, and what he learnt doing it

In this edition of The Spinoff’s media podcast The Fold, Duncan Greive talks to ex-head of news at MediaWorks, Hal Crawford, who’s just completed a review into the NZ Media Fund.

The NZ Media Fund was introduced by New Zealand On Air in 2017 to cover television, radio, music and online media, in hopes that it would successfully represent the growing diversity of media in New Zealand.

Now, three years later, former MediaWorks head of news Hal Crawford has conducted an independent review into this fund, hoping to grasp the industry’s feelings about how the money is being spent. He joins The Fold today to talk about what he learnt about New Zealand’s unique media landscape and why this review was important.

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