How a New Years Eve party for friends turned into NZ’s biggest music festival

Simon Pound talks to Hamish Pinkham, founder and creative director of Rhythm & Vines.

The New Zealand fashion label Kendall Jenner wore twice in one week

Host Simon Pound speaks with innovators and commentators focused on the future of New Zealand. This week he talks to fashion label Paris Georgia's Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie.

How Allpress Espresso went from a coffee cart to worldwide success

Business is Boring host Simon Pound speaks with Michael Allpress, founder of Allpress Espresso.

The New Zealand drug company trialling ketamine to treat depression

Simon Pound talks to Douglas Pharmaceuticals' Dr Peter Surman and Simone Hollier.

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Move over Lime. There’s a new Kiwi scooter company in town, and it’s pink

Business is Boring host talks to Flamingo Scooters co-founders Nick Hyland and Jacksen Love.

The start-up bringing Māori and Pasifika stories to life with a bit of light and magic

Business is Boring host talks to Vaka Interactiv CEO and co-founder Jesse Armstrong.

Meet the big cheese from Clevedon Buffalo Company

This week Simon Pound talks to Clevedon Buffalo Company co-founder Helen Dorresteyn.

The doctor who created a kānuka honey gel proven to treat cold sores

This week, Simon Pound talks to Dr Shaun Holt, creator of Honevo, a kānuka honey treatment for cold sores.

Container Door: How a career bringing goods out of China became a business

This week Simon Pound talks to Ben Nathan, CEO and founder of Container Door.

The AI chatbot app helping people get the mental health services they need

Simon Pound talks to Angela Lim, co-founder and CEO of a free, online mental health platform called Clearhead.

The Aussie venture capitalist investing in NZ businesses

Simon Pound talks to John Henderson, a partner at one of Australasia's leading VC firms, Airtree.

How a move from Auckland to Manawatu led to a new agri-tech venture

Simon Pound talks to Kate Gwilliam, CEO of feedstock solution, Zeddy.

Rose & Thorne: How a lost job led to selling more than a million bras

This week, Simon Pound talks to Sue Dunmore, co-founder of lingerie brand Rose & Thorne.

If you like the beer, buy the brewery

Simon Pound talks to Andrew Childs, founder of Behemoth Brewing.

Techweek special: Celebrating Māori innovation and this year’s biggest tech trends

In this Techweek special, Simon Pound talks to Amber Taylor from Ara Journeys and Callaghan Innovation's Jonathan Miller.

How five years of R&D proved a local skincare company had a product that actually works

Simon Pound talks to Soraya Hendesi, founder of the skincare company Snowberry.