A guide to podcasts on The Spinoff

Podcasts are an important pillar of the stuff that gets made for this website. So, as our audience is growing, we decided it’s a good time for staff producer José Barbosa to lay out our roster of podcasts for newcomers, the curious and the plain nosey. Take it away, José!

Thank you, mysterious standfirst writer. I’ve never met you, but I bet you’re intensely good-looking and a genuinely terrific person. Just a guess, bro.

Hello and welcome to this quick guide to The Spinoff’s cavalcade of podcasts. I’m going to introduce each podcast, explain what they’re all about and let you know how you can listen to them. I have no doubt you’ll find something awesome to listen to. Incidentally, if you’re completely new to this podcast malarky those superstars over at Serial have a simple guide to getting started.


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The guts is this: we’ve given some of our ongoing and more popular podcasts their own feeds. They are The Real Pod, Gone By Lunchtime, On The Rag, Pod on the CouchBusiness Is Boring, Breeder’s Digest and The Get. Everything else we publish is put out under The Spinoff Podcasts – Pop-Up Podcasts. Let’s have a closer look at each of those.

Pop Up Podcasts

This feed is were we put all our short run and one off podcasts. For example this is where we publish Laugh Off, the podcast we ran during the NZ International Comedy festival. Although we won’t be publishing regularly here, we recommend subscribing so you don’t miss out on any great one off pods, FOMO etc. Like all our pods, this is also on Spotify.

The Real Pod

This feed contains our weekly podcast, The Real Pod.

Host Jane Yee is joined by Alex Casey and Duncan Greive for The Spinoff’s #RealPod – a weekly podcast about reality TV and real life in New Zealand. A sequel of sorts to the trio’s series of podcasts covering the likes of The Bachelor and Real Housewives of Auckland with equal amounts of affection and cynicism, #RealPod is an intimate and laugh-out-loud funny conversation taking in the week’s most ludicrous news, product reviews and pop culture.

You can subscribe to The Real Pod via iTunes, Spotify or just search for The Spinoff Podcasts – The Real Pod in your favourite podcast client. The RSS feed can be found here,

NB: The Real Pod feed used to be the Pop Up Podcasts feed until we decided to make it a dedicated Real Pod feed, which is why the RRS url refers to “pop up pods.”

Alternatively, have a listen to past episodes below.

Breeder’s Digest

Brought to you by Inflatable World, Breeder’s Digest is your monthly coffee group in a podcast. Hosted by mum of three Jane Yee and Virgin Mum Nicola Winslade, Breeder’s Digest is a casual chat with your mates about all the rubbish bits of parenting and all the really good bits as well. Have your say using the hashtag #breederpod on Twitter or email breedersdigest@thespinoff.co.nz

Subscribe via iTunes, Spotify or your podcast client of choice. The direct RSS feed can be found here.

Lorde: Behind the Melodrama

The Spinoff’s Music editor Henry Oliver sat down with Lorde for over 4 hours to discuss her new (at the time) album Melodrama. 

Each episode focuses on one track from the album, so you’re getting a really in-depth examination of Lorde’s infulences, production, lyrics and just all round deep dive into the songs.

Recorded, produced and edited by Jana Whitta and Henry, this is the perfect companion to Melodrama.

You can subscribe to Lorde: Behind the Melodrama on iTunes, Spotify or just search for the podcast in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here.

Pod On The Couch

Hosted by our music editor Henry Oliver, this pod is weekly and examines everything to do with popular music. From interviews with musicians to roudtable discussions about the latest issues being debated in the industry, this podcast has everything you need.

Some highlights have been Guy Massey, the man who remastered the Beatles; a great look back at Brit-Pop and what it meant to NZ and a discussion about NZMusic Month and whether or not it’s broken.

You can subscribe to Pod on the Couch on iTunes, Spotify or just search for Pod on the Couch in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here.

Have  listen to past eps below.

On The Rag


I love all my children, but this is one of my favourite podcasts to produce. It’s a monthly panel hosted by The Spinoff’s TV editor, and heart of the Ghostbusters, Alex Casey. She’s joined by Mana Magazine editor Leonie Hayden and comedian/writer Michele A’Court in a grand discussion about how women have fared in the preceding month. Past topics have included: abortion laws, the growth of women’s swim nights, the Henderson hemline controversy and how to trick people into thinking you’re really good at applying makeup. It’s a super on point chat with three smart women who skip from hilarious take downs to sage wisdom and back to awesome quips.

You can subscribe to On The Rag via iTunes, Spotify or just search for On The Rag in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here.

Alternatively, have a listen to past episodes below.

Business Is Boring


In choosing the title for this podcast we set ourselves an obvious challenge. We wanted to make a podcast about business that wasn’t an audio soporific. Instead we wanted to capture some of the stories, methods and energy of NZ’s keenest entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and creatives; all of whom are in business and doing interesting and successful things. Sometimes even both at the same time.

Driving the show is the host Simon Pound who hand picks each interviewee himself. He’s the Jesse Thorn of business podcasts and as a business owner himself he knows what’s happening in that world. The other driving force is Callaghan Innovation. They agreed that a business show could be more than just stock prices and business slogans and came on board as sponsors.

You can subscribe to Business Is Boring via iTunes, Spotify or just search for Business Is Boring in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here

Alternatively, have a listen right now to past episodes below. The chat with TV producer Bailey Makey is really inspiring. Also worth a listen is the episode with Jade Tang-Taylor and Eddy Royal of Curative talking about social enterprise.

The Get


Naomi Arnold (left) with Adam Dudding, senior writer at Sunday Star-Times

This podcast is Naomi Arnold’s baby and we’re totally jazzed to have it in The Spinoff’s lineup. Naomi is a Canon Award winning journalist who’s also the founder of featured.org.nz, a site that collects long form non-fiction written by some of NZ’s best writers and reporters. Each week on The Get Naomi interviews a different writer about their process and how they landed some of their biggest stories. At times it’s funny, sometimes somber, but it’s always interesting particularly if you’re a writer or journalist or even just interested in stories.

The Get runs in short seasons of 7 episodes. Season 1 is done and dusted, but Season 2 is on the horizon. We’re lucky to have Barkers on board as sponsors of the show.

You can subscribe to The Get via iTunes, Spotify or just search for The Get in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here

Alternatively, have a hoon right now on some past episodes below. Start with Kim Knight in episode 1 talking about reporting on the Pike River mine disaster, it’s a real insight into writing about tragedy.

Gone By Lunchtime


Hosted by our politics editor, Toby Manhire, Gone By Lunchtime is a monthly look at the politics in New Zealand. As you’d suspect, and possibly even hope, the topic at hand often veers close to farce. Toby is joined by Exceltium man Ben Thomas and The Hui producer Annabelle Lee and together they pick over the big politic goose. It’s one of our most popular podcasts and rightly so, the speakers all know their stuff and have been known to disagree from time to time.

Past issues debated with vigor, but also with wry respect, include Paula Bennett under pressure over housing, the tax haven carry on and John Palino, naturally.

By all means subscribe to Gone By Lunchtime via iTunes, Spotify or just search for Gone By Lunchtime in your favourite podcast client. The direct RSS feed can be found here

Alternatively, have a hoon right now on some past episodes below.

And that’s us! We’re really happy with our roster of podcasts and the people who help us make them. However, we’re still in the early stages of growing and developing this branch of the mighty Spinoff tree. If you enjoy what we do, please, take a moment to rate our podcasts on iTunes or to let a friend, work colleague, enemy or random stranger on the bus know what they’re missing.

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