Dr Robert Feldman, CEO of Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation.

Business is Boring: The NZ company working on a new Covid-19 vaccine

In this week’s episode, Simon Pound talks to Dr Robert Feldman, CEO of Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation, about the fascinating science behind developing a vaccine.

Since the onset of Covid-19 last year we’ve seen a huge global effort to develop vaccines. An amazingly successful effort, with new breakthroughs in technology that we’re still at the beginning of understanding.

Vaccines quickly went into development all over the world – including in New Zealand, where a local company is working on a new approach that may use a technology developed by Palmerston North company PolyBatics.

The company, Covid-19 Vaccine Corporation (CVC), brings together some of the top figures in local pharmaceutical, deep tech and life science commercial enterprise. The CEO is Dr Robert Feldman, who has worked at Harvard Medical School and Imperial College, London, and founded the UK vaccine company Microscience, among other enterprises. After moving to New Zealand he became executive director of Pacific Channel and then started his own life science consulting company.

To talk about the fascinating science behind vaccine research and development, Dr Feldman joined Business is Boring this week.

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