18 Corbynsceptics reflect on the Jezzascension

A selection of responses from those who had said it was simply unthinkable that Jeremy Corbyn could lead a Labour election revival.

The UK Labour Party might have finished second in the snap election at the end of last week, but Jeremy Corbyn carried the air of victory throughout his weekend media appearances. By contrast, the Conservative leader and prime minister, Theresa May, looked vanquished and miserable in her few moments on camera. With the majority lost, and forced to attempt to cobble together a confidence and supply deal with a bunch of reactionary unionists from Northern Ireland, the Conservatives are hobbled and Labour emboldened.

With so many pundits and Labour figures having written off Corbyn – who for so long had been regarded as a fringe figure on the party’s left – what do the Corbynsceptics say now?

“I was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn. I had already been wrong about him twice”John Rentoul, columnist, the Independent

“Mr Corbyn has proved a lot of people, including me, completely wrong.”Piers Morgan (stretching the leftwing to include him here, probably)

 “I was wrong”Peter Mandelson (former senior Labour minister and Blair ally)

“I got it wrong”Ayesha Hazarika (former adviser to Corbyn predecessor Ed Miliband)

“I was wrong” Jonathan Freedland, Guardian columnist

“I got it wrong” – Former Blair adviser Theo Bertram

“We got it wrong” – Manchester Central Labour MP Lucy Powell

“I got it wrong” – Commentator Sunny Hundal

“Boy was I wrong” – Comedian David Schneider

“I get things wrong, I learn”Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley

“I was clearly wrong”Owen Smith, Labour MP and 2016 leadership challenger.

“I was completely wrong”Carolyn Hitt, columnist, Western Mail (Wales)

 “I was massively wrong” – broadcaster Matthew Stadlen

“I got it wrong, wholly wrong” – commentator Iain Dale

“I was wrong. Completely, utterly, hopelessly wrong” – Intercept columnist Mehdi Hassan

“I wasn’t a bit wrong, or slightly wrong, or mostly wrong, but totally wrong”Owen Jones, Guardian columnist.

“I was wrong about Corbyn’s chances, but I still doubt him”Observer columnist Nick Cohen

“I’m going to eat my book” – politics professor Matthew Goodwin

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