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The Bulletin: What comes next after climate emergency declaration

What comes next after climate emergency declaration, petition against parole for cop-killers delivered, and well-known fashion company under fire.

Live updates, December 2: Climate emergency declared; National rejects ‘virtue signalling’

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Jacinda Ardern: NZ’s declaration of a climate emergency

A notice of motion declaring a climate emergency and a series of other steps including 'becoming a carbon-neutral government by 2025'.

Give power to Māori and marginalised communities and we’ll get through the climate emergency

Today, our parliament will declare a climate emergency. Three young climate leaders say it’s a grim marker of the scale of human-caused planetary collapse, but we need to ensure the government does not sacrifice the important for the urgent. 

Live updates, November 23: Ardern discusses Covid-19, climate change in call with Joe Biden

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

Removing the stain of climate change from washing products

Unilever is on a mission to eliminate fossil-derived carbon from all of its cleaning products by 2030.

Cool climate move or hot air? Waiheke unveils new electric buses

For a whole lot of Auckland notables, the hottest ticket in town this week has been a trip to see the unveiling of Waiheke Island's new electric buses.

How giving native trees helps tackle climate change – and Christmas waste

More than 500,000 native trees have been planted through the Trees That Count programme, funded by New Zealanders and the local business community.

The Bulletin: Climate change already happening, says new report

New report shows climate change already affecting New Zealand, new crop of managed isolation Covid cases, and National leader and ousted electorate MPs all staying on.

Future Act MP held ‘climate hysteria skeptics’ meetings at high school

The Act Party’s number four candidate also criticised the “myth of settled science” around climate change.

The Bulletin: Labour puts little new in climate policy

Labour puts little new in climate policy, community cases once again down to zero, and Collins has a bad day out in Ponsonby.

What we can do about climate change | 100 Year Forecast

2020 has been a hell of a year. But if there is a silver lining, the pandemic may have given us a blueprint for how to solve the climate crisis. 100 …

What climate change will mean for our animals | 100 Year Forecast

The ocean is immense, but climate change means the creatures that call it home are starting to run out of places they can go. And the same thing is happening …

100 Year Forecast: What can we do about climate change?

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.

100 Year Forecast: What will climate change mean for our animals?

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.

100 Year Forecast: How do we know the climate is changing?

Watch all five episodes of 100 Year Forecast and see the special interactive website now.

How do we know the climate is changing? | 100 Year Forecast

Aotearoa, like the rest of the world, is heating up – but just how hot are we going to get? We still have a choice. 100 Year Forecast explores what a …

100 Year Forecast: new interactive climate series COMING SOON

What will Aotearoa look like in 100 years if we don't take climate action now – and how much of a difference we can still make if we do? 100 Year …

Announcing 100 Year Forecast, a new interactive climate series

How will Aotearoa change over the next century if we don't take climate action now? Watch all five episodes and read the special interactive feature on The Spinoff from Monday.

This ‘green’ government has utterly failed to rein in our biggest climate polluter

This government came to power promising a new, aggressive approach to the climate crisis – and then let the dairy industry carry on as before.

Worried about climate change? Maybe your Kiwisaver should invest in Tesla

What could the world's most valuable car company offer New Zealanders and the future?

More than heatwaves: New report details biggest climate change risks to NZ

A major new report has outlined the biggest and most pressing risks New Zealand faces from climate change, and they go well beyond the science of changing weather patterns.

RISE: The school students leading New Zealand’s climate strikes

Meet the young organisers of one of New Zealand's biggest protest marches of a generation, and hear what motivated them to take action

Meet the school students leading New Zealand’s climate strikes

New short film Rise profiles some of the country's youngest protest organisers as they take to the streets to lead one of the generation's biggest protest marches.

We acted on Covid to save lives. The same should apply to climate change, too

With the Vote Climate 2020 campaign launching today, organiser Sophie Handford explains why a vote for the climate is a vote for saving the future.

As a doctor, I know better than most that climate change is a healthcare issue

Healthcare organisations need to realise that climate change and wellbeing are intertwined – and that what's good for the environment is always good for health.

How do you strike for the climate when everyone’s stuck at home?

With the coronavirus putting a halt to in-person gatherings, climate activists need to get creative to keep up the momentum from last year's hugely successful strikes.