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The Friday Poem: Dig deep! by Joanna Cho

A new poem by Wellington writer Joanna Cho.

The Friday Poem: Matapouri by Hayden Hyams

A new poem by Auckland poet Hayden Hyams.

The Friday Poem: A poem from ‘Reproaches’ by Steven Toussaint

A new poem by Ockham finalist Steven Toussaint.

The Friday Poem: How to die by Helen Rickerby

A poem by Ockham finalist Helen Rickerby.

The Friday Poem: Flocks by Rebecca Nash

A new poem by Lyttelton poet Rebecca Nash.

The Friday Poem: At the Fair by Tim Upperton

A new poem by Palmerston North poet Tim Upperton.   At the Fair   All these people had come to an outdoor fair. They were walking from one stall to another, inspecting the goods for sale, …

The Friday Poem: Once by Vincent O’Sullivan

A new poem by Vincent O'Sullivan.

The Friday Poem: washed up! by Ash Davida Jane

A new poem by Wellington poet and bookseller Ash Davida Jane.

The Friday Poem: Finance by Jenny Bornholdt

A poem by Wellington poet Jenny Bornholdt.

The Friday Poem: There is no easy way by Kate Camp

A poem by Wellington writer Kate Camp.

The Friday Poem: Party Legend by Sam Duckor-Jones

A new poem by Wellington poet Sam Duckor-Jones.

The Friday Poem: i woke up and the day caught me by Kara Jackson

A poem by US National Youth Poet Laureate Kara Jackson.

The Friday Poem: The Fight by Joy Harjo

A poem by US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo.

The Friday Poem: Insulation by James Brown

A new poem by Island Bay poet James Brown.

The Friday Poem: Riding home from work by Marcel Currin

A new poem by Tauranga poet Marcel Currin.

The Friday Poem: Howl by Katrina Upperton

A new poem by Palmerston North poet Katrina Upperton.

The Friday Poem: Kae and the Tohorā by essa may ranapiri

A new poem by Kirikiriroa poet essa may ranapiri.

The Friday Poem: Anecdotal happiness by Laura Vincent

A new poem by Wellington writer Laura Vincent.

The Friday Poem: Swingball by Airini Beautrais

A new poem by Whanganui poet Airini Beautrais.

The Friday Poem: Forgive me my love by Behrouz Boochani

A poem by writer, journalist, and former Manus Island refugee Behrouz Boochani.

The Friday Poem: Six Feet For a Single, Eight Feet For a Double by Ruby Solly

A new poem by Kai Tahu writer and musician Ruby Solly.

The Friday Poem: TURDUCKEN by Freya Daly Sadgrove

A new poem by writer and performer Freya Daly Sadgrove.

The Friday Poem: ‘Duck Three Ways’ by Jenny Bornholdt

A new poem by Wellington poet Jenny Bornholdt.