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The Bulletin: A day of proving the point of NZ history education

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: Examples of why teaching history matters immediately emerge, accused Labour staffer resigns, and giant of Tongan democracy dies.  In the space …

The best NZ journalism of 2018, as chosen by you

We have taken the suggestion to put this all in one place.

The Bulletin: No Tomorrow for Tomorrow’s Schools?

Major reforms proposed for governance of schools, mediation coming in bid to stave off Air NZ strikes, and announcement likely on ministerial transparency.

Exclusive: The Spinoff wins everything at Voyager Media Awards 2018

As expected, every single award last night was won by the Spinoff, to universal acclaim.

Russell McVeagh and the limits of the law

Revelations of alleged sexual harassment by a former partner at Russell McVeagh underscore the unique privilege of the legal profession. Danyl Mclauchlan explores the case and what kept it secret.

Cheque, please: Why millennials are rebelling against unpaid internships

Working for free has long been accepted as a near-unavoidable first step in a career in media, politics or the arts. But when you're working for months on end for little or no reward, when does paying your dues become slave labour? Sasha Borissenko reports.

Trial by Twitter – how social media has made juries of us all

Whether it's Making a Murderer or Serial, Mark Lundy or David Bain, everyone loves to speculate about the latest murder mystery. Elizabeth Beattie talks to New Zealand legal experts about the influence of social media on our most high profile trials.