Steven "Kiwi Way" Adams. Illustration: Toby Morris for RNZ

Just what is ‘the Kiwi way’? An investigation

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Online sleuth Elle Hunt fires up the search engines.

What is “the Kiwi way of life”? The question has been troubling me ever since Simon Bridges defined it as definitely not a capital gains tax.

OK then. Is that it?

Bridges later elaborated that it was “planning reform for affordable housing, better health, education”, and was not slamming a “couple scrimping and saving for a bach or a crib … with the top tax rate”. (Though that’s not a capital gains tax, either.)

There was still something to be desired of the definition, so I began researching “the Kiwi way”. The findings of my investigation forthwith.

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“The Kiwi way” is:

So. That clears that up.


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