Tony* bares all about his passion for yelling at women from his car.

An exclusive interview with a dude who yells at women from his car (WATCH)

In this hard-hitting episode of current affairs show OTR 24/7, lady journalist Leonie Hayden comes face to face with one of society’s most elusive figures.

“Hey baby, show us ya [insert weird word for body part here]!”

To many women and non-binary folks this is a common greeting, usually delivered with great pizzazz by a manly man in a manly van as he zooms by as fast as he manly can.

Some humourless shrews object to the service these heroes provide and have deemed them menaces, creeps and sad potato men. So we tracked one of these men down and invited him to share his gift with us.

All he wanted, he told us, was for women to remember one important thing: that they have tits. And also bums. This is his story.

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