Devonport New World carpark, and a photo believed to be of one of the airgun pellets posted to a community Facebook page (Photos: Supplied)

Woman injured in airgun incident at Auckland supermarket

The person who fired an airgun outside Devonport New World yesterday, injuring a woman, is yet to be found.

A woman was injured in an airgun incident outside an Auckland supermarket yesterday.

Police and an ambulance were called to the New World carpark at Devonport on the North Shore at about 5.15pm after airgun pellets struck a car windscreen and a window of a nearby building. A woman received a facial injury from a glass fragment as the windscreen was struck, police believe.

Davina Veza was leaving the supermarket and getting into her car when she heard “what sounded like a gun going off”.

“A woman in front of me with two bags of shopping dropped her bags and fell back a bit and held her head and said ‘I need help’,” says Veza. “Then there was another shot and I thought ‘shit, that was close’.”

She then realised her windscreen had been hit. “So I jumped in and thought ‘I’ve got to get out of here’, and then I heard the third shot.”

The shots appeared to have come from the other side of the carpark, in the direction of the post shop and JustWorkout gym, says Veza. The first two shots landed close together while the third was further away.

Veza called 111 as two passersby attended to the injured woman, including a nurse from the nearby Anne St Medical Centre, she says. The woman had been struck above her right eyebrow “and there was lots of blood – an ambulance was definitely needed. She was obviously quite seriously hurt.”

Witnesses commenting on the Devonport Locals Facebook page said the woman was bleeding heavily and was taken to North Shore Hospital. A hospital spokesperson was unable to confirm if the woman was treated there.

Michael Li, Devonport New World’s store manager, confirmed the incident happened but said he didn’t know any details.

The person who fired the airgun has not been identified. “Our enquiries are continuing in the area today and we are asking anyone that may have any information that may lead to identifying those who may have fired these projectiles coming forward,” said a police spokesperson. They ask anyone with information to contact police on 09 477 5000.

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