200 years: How the gender gap is putting women centuries behind (WATCH)

Turns out, we’re still TWO HUNDRED YEARS from fully closing the economic gender gap. So we asked some of our Spinoff colleagues to cast their minds into the future.

Each year The World Economic Forum produces a gender gap report which measures gender equality. The report looks at gender gaps across four thematic dimensions: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment.

The 2017 report showed us that progress seems to be stalling and in some cases reversing with gaps widening across educational attainment and economic participation. The gaps between political empowerment (the widest gender gap) and health and survival remain unchanged from last year (keeping in mind that the health gender gap is larger than it stood in 2006).

Have you ever wondered just how wide the overall gap between men and women is, not just the pay gap but everything? That’s what the Report does, and the answer is about 32%. They also put a timeline on how far away we are from closing each of the four gaps. The economic gender gap? Over 200 years. 217 to be exact.

We looked at just how far away 200 years is.

This video was created by three women who work for The Spinoff and are stretching out into various aspects of video production. Ashleigh Bogle worked as producer, director and co-editor. Tina Tiller worked as videographer, co-editor and animator. Alice Webb-Liddall worked as audio engineer.

This content was made possible by the NZ Human Rights Commission. The Commission is encouraging all women to tell the UN about issues facing them and their communities. To get involved, visit: consultation.hrc.co.nz

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