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Let the programme makers get on with it: Armando Iannucci’s advice to NZ TV commissioners

In an early Auckland Writers Festival appearance, the creator of Veep and The Thick of It urged network execs to resist meddling – and chipped in on the great New Zealand political pizza debate.

Book of the Week: the best novel of 2017, Lincoln in the Bardo

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders is the year's most talked-about novel, and there's much excitement that the author will appear at the Auckland Writers Festival in May. Wyoming Paul reviews what may a masterpiece.

We cross live to the launch of the Auckland Writers Festival

A lawyer has run amok at the Auckland Art Gallery at the launch of the Auckland Writers Festival. The Spinoff Review of Books was there.

The guy who writes really good novels about totally repulsive assholes

Dutch novelist Herman Koch writes page-turning thrillers about the repulsiveness of the people next door in middle-class neighbourhoods. Kiran Dass interviewed him ahead of his appearance at the Auckland Writers Festival.

Book of the Week: Fiona Kidman reviews the amazing Helen Garner

Fiona Kidman once had Helen Garner over for dinner. It did not go well.

An interview with the world’s greatest essayist, Andrew O’Hagan

In which Spinoff Review of Books editor Steve Braunias sits down with London writer Andrew O'Hagan in Wellington, and they talk for one hour and 41 minutes.

I’m Your Biggest Fan – A Devoted Reader Attempts to Befriend Eleanor Catton

Many readers have imaginary relationships with their favourite authors, but few manage to turn fantasy into reality. Madeleine Chapman tells how she tried to bridge the gap between fandom and friendship with author Eleanor Catton