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The political elites foisted a new system on ordinary Brits. Little wonder they’re grabbing it back

The Brexit vote is entirely understandable. In Britain and across western democracies, some sense of democratic renewal is needed to avoid alienation, writes former NZ prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer

Politics podcast: the Brexit effect, Paula Bennett’s bad month and Hone Harawira’s return

By Jove, it's only the hotly anticipated return of Gone By Lunchtime, the Spinoff's epoch-defining politics pod with Annabelle Lee, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire

As Britain exits the EU, the case for a NZ republic will gather steam

Don’t bet on special treatment for Kiwis in post-Brexit UK. The time remains ripe for a New Zealand republic, writes Lewis Holden

Brexit, pursued by a blare – NZ-UK-Euro-responses to the extraordinary British vote to leave the EU

In defiance of most predictions, the UK has opted to quit the European Union, and David Cameron is quitting as PM. Reactions from Neil Cross, Rawdon Christie, Bryan Gould, Andrea Vance and more

The UK is heading towards the EU escape chute. And it deserves everything it gets

Less than a week out from the Brexit vote, the 'leave' side is in the ascendant. But it's hard to find much to admire in either camp, writes David Hall. …