Tag: Commute Week

Is the Outer Link bus Auckland’s ultimate co-working space?

Desperate to escape the high-summer hell of the Spinoff's non-air conditioned office, Toby Morris spends four hours trying to get some work done onboard the blissfully chilly Outer Link bus.

The extraordinary incompetence of Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport is busily wrecking the suburbs of the city’s inner west. A long hard look at how that happened – and who's fighting it.

Head to head: testing tech giant Uber against local challenger Zoomy

It's ridesharing app versus ridesharing app as global juggernaut Uber and local upstart Zoomy go head to head. Which one is fastest, cheapest and easiest to use?

The fiasco in West Lynn: how did Auckland Transport get a shopping village makeover so wrong?

The council has been remaking the West Lynn shopping village on Richmond Rd in Grey Lynn, putting in bike lanes, calming the traffic and, they say, enhancing the shopper experience. What, asks Simon Wilson, could possibly go wrong?

What the new government means for transport in Auckland

There are few areas of government policy in which the gap between National and Labour was as stark as in transport. We syndicate Greater Auckland's Matt Lowrie on the likely priorities of the incoming government.