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Change is here. But is it the kind you hoped for?

In retrospect, it seems obvious that New Zealand First would never have chosen National. Now forward-looking Labour and Greens will need to learn to work with a party that would love to turn the clock back 40 years.

David Seymour: What I learned this election

ACT's party vote dropped to a record low of 0.5% this election, and leader David Seymour will again be ACT's sole representative in parliament. So is there still a place for a right-wing, classically liberal party in New Zealand? Somewhat unsurprisingly, Seymour argues there is.

No to elections: maybe we should only have them every four years?

We are all over it, aren't we, this election that won't quit. But is it also bad for business? Kirk Hope of BusinessNZ asks whether a longer cycle between voting would be better for all of us.

O, We Wait! (A very short roundup of the state of negotiations)

Just a collection of concluding sentences in recent political commentary.

Four big reasons why National should not lead the next government. And four why it should

As we await the puffs of white smoke from the Beehive, Simon Wilson argues that National is unfit for office – although he’s not so sure about Labour, either.

Kiwis of Snapchat: Fletcher Tabuteau, NZ First MP

In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens and luminaries making the news. Today: a report from inside the coalition talks.

We’re looking at a Greens-National deal from the wrong direction

All eyes are on Winston, but still there's a clamour for a National/Greens coalition. Simon Wilson looks at why the idea has such appeal and what it might mean for politics in this country.

How coalitions are made (and destroyed)

 Wayne Mapp was there at the first MMP coalition negotiations in 1996, and watched from both government and opposition as subsequent deals were assembled. The former National cabinet minister writes about those years, and what the key dynamics will be in the coming days.

2017 was both a change election and a vote for the status quo

Yesterday Massey University's Claire Robinson argued against this being a change election with reference to prior results. Here the University of Otago's Andrew Geddis suggests that these endless circular arguments are simply in the eye of the beholder.

Election 2017: a vote for the status quo

Two extra seats felt like a win to many on the left. But Massey University's Claire Robinson says that historical analysis of prior MMP results suggests this was far from a change election.

Is there room for two Green parties in parliament?

The speculation about a Greens-National coalition is futile given the tribalism of New Zealand politics, writes former National cabinet minister Wayne Mapp. Instead, he wonders if a revitalised TOP can become a second, centrist Greens.

Group think: Which way will Winston leap?

As a nation awaits NZ First leader Winston Peters' decision on which major party to support in government, we asked a gang of political experts and insiders for their predictions.

The many styles of sexism in Election 2017: a retrospective

It finished over a week ago, yet we still all feel a bit gross. Madeleine Holden has compiled a handy list of the worst sexism of Election 2017.

Nandor Tanczos: the Greens need to figure out a way to talk to National

Former Green MP Nandor Tanczos writes that while it would be unconscionable to go with National now, the Greens need to prepare for a future where that's on the table.

Inside the campaigns: how the Greens survived Jacindamania

Novelist Danyl Mclauchlan describes his experiences and processes his thoughts after working on the Greens campaign in election 2017. I had a bit to do with the Green Party campaign this …

How did Labour’s immigration stance impact its immigrant vote?

Did Labour's anti-immigration stance prevent it winning the 2017 election? Branko Marcetic crunches the numbers.

Inside the campaigns: how National took the migrant and rural vote

Jenna Raeburn, a PR consultant who worked on the National campaign, details life on the big blue bus.

Interactive: mapping every booth’s votes from the 2017 general election

Chris McDowall has created an extraordinary interactive data-visualisation which shows the party vote results of every single one of the hundreds of voting places in the 2017 general election. He explains his work here – and explore it below.

Politics podcast: post-election special

The 2017 election took place on Saturday but in reality it may never end. It's all around us, it's in us, it is us. The Gone By Lunchtime team* react in the appropriate way by dissecting it and making more definitely correct predictions of the future.

Four reasons why Labour could be better off in opposition

Their supporters may not like it, but the smart choice for Labour might be to bow out of coalition negotiations and resign themselves to three more years in opposition. Former National cabinet minister Wayne Mapp explains why.

A better visual breakdown of the 2017 election results

The usual way electoral results maps are presented can be deceiving, overemphasising the relative importance of large but sparsely populated rural areas. Stephen Beban shares his map that more accurately reflects last night's results.

10 things we learned last night

Simon Wilson went round the party election parties last night, and lived and breathed the campaign. These are the 10 things he learned.

11.18pm: Party Watch – The look in the eyes of the Nats

Election Night 2017: Simon Wilson is at the National Party's party at Sky City in Auckland.

11.00pm: Bill English wins. Winston Peters loses. And Winston Peters wins

The resurgence of the left has ended well short, as the ruthless final weeks of National's campaign have them well placed to secure a fourth term. As predicted for months, NZ First will ultimately decide – but the calculus favours the incumbents.

10.03pm: Party Watch – the Greens are getting used to this

Election Night 2017: Simon Wilson reports from the Green Party party in central Auckland.

8.33pm: Party Watch – Meanwhile Labour is having a party

Election Night 2017: Simon Wilson reports (almost) live from the Labour Party victory party/wake.

8.25pm: The most intriguing electorates so far

Duncan Greive scrolls down the electorates in play – including some big name potential casualties.

7.50pm: A party of five parties beckons with grim early numbers for the Māori Party

Election Night 2017: The Māori Party could be wiped out, if early numbers are a guide.