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The special votes are in and it’s bad news for the cannabis referendum, and National

National's Matt King and Denise Lee are out of parliament, and the Māori Party's Debbie Ngarewa-Packer is in.

Insider tips for lobbying each member of Ardern’s new NZ cabinet

A former press secretary to the PM has some advice for anyone looking to win sway with the top table team

First post-election leadership casualty: TOP boss Geoff Simmons quits

The tenure of Geoff Simmons as leader of The Opportunities Party has come to an end.

Live updates, November 3: Second Christchurch community case linked to MIQ facility

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

Gone By Lunchtime: Rummaging through Labour’s new cabinet

Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee Mather and Ben Thomas return, electrolytes replenished after the election marathon, to assess the newly announced Labour cabinet and more.

The Greens are now part of the ‘governing team’, if not the government

Think of it as a 'friends with arranged benefits' relationship.

What the Labour-Greens deal means for the next three years

It’ll be a difficult juggling act if the future government runs afoul of the Green base. 

The cannabis vote is a defeat for health and justice. And a victory for political spinelessness

Labour is presenting the preliminary results in the referendum on legalisation as an endorsement of the status quo. It is no such thing.

NZ rejects cannabis legalisation in referendum, but glimmer of hope for yes camp

By a narrow margin, the cannabis legalisation and control bill has failed to win the referendum.

When will we know the cannabis and assisted dying referendum results?

And what can the general election results tell us about how they might go?

Live updates, October 29: Labour-Green deal coming Sunday; six new imported Covid-19 cases

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

The Bulletin: Idiots abroad infuriated by NZ’s Covid response

Assessing some of the bizarre recent international interventions on NZ’s Covid policy, documents reveal what ministers knew about border staff testing, and Gerry Brownlee under pressure for deputy spot.

Deal-bakers: the very best biscuits for a winning negotiation, revealed

Mallowpuffs or mint slice? Krispies or Squiggles? NZ's finest minds on the biscuit of the deal.

Live updates, October 28: Two imported Covid-19 cases, no new community cases

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

All these new queer MPs are fantastic news. But where are their disabled peers?

Our back-patting about electing the most inclusive parliament in history has one glaring omission, writes Henrietta Bollinger.

Arrival of parliament’s new migrant MPs sparks rejoicing, and backlash

While our newest migrant MPs are inspiring people across the world, their first week in parliament has not passed without controversy here at home.

The Bulletin: Unaffordable dental care in the spotlight

Unaffordable dental care in the spotlight, update on the two crops of Covid cases, and Billy TK quits Advance NZ alliance.

Live updates, October 24-26: No new community cases; five new cases in managed isolation

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

The Green party should think twice before accepting a deal with Labour

If Labour won't commit to advancing its policy priorities the Greens should walk away, argues Justine Sachs.

NZ’s election, online: What did each party spend – and how effective was it?

Which parties spent the most on Facebook and Google, and was it really all worth it in the end?

Expecting less – or more – of Labour’s new voters

The idea that Labour won thanks to strategic lifelong National voters making the ultimate electoral sacrifice is absurd.

Live updates, October 23: Nine new cases of Covid-19; Shane Jones deletes his Facebook

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

For National, umpteen tough questions – and one small ray of light

Where to next for the National Party? Ben Thomas reviews the post-election wreckage.

Kevin Hague: Labour and the Greens must work together. Nature can’t wait

Labour might need to let go a little bit of post-election hubris and the Greens to recognise that they can be part of government for some things, but able to hold it to account for others.