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On the Rag: Wherein some women weep for Wonder Woman

Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A'Court tackle the past month in women, news and popular culture. And, Wonder Woman.

On the Rag: The women tell all… about bleeding

Inspired by the past month's new stories, Alex Casey and Leonie Hayden are joined by special guest Alice Snedden to dive deep into period chat. With help from their legendary sponsors at BON tampons, of course.

On the Rag: In which we must stick together like period glue

We talk the past month in New Zealand including high schoolers doing good, how to take care on Twitter and chatting to the man who is going to solve period woes forever.

Lipstick for your other lips: Meet the man who wants you to glue your vagina shut

Alex Casey interviews Doctor Dan Dopps, creator of a new vaginal adhesive that hopes to seal the menstrual product deal ... literally.

On the Rag: Listen to our first live show for International Women’s Day!

In the latest episode of On the Rag, Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A'Court assemble in front of a live audience for this International Women's Day special.

Christmas edition On the Rag: Who made the naughty and nice list for 2016?

For the final Christmas episode of On the Rag, the gang look at the highs and lows for women from 2016.

On the Rag Guide: How women in New Zealand can survive and thrive post-Trump

Our On the Rag podcast team have an emergency meeting to discuss what the fuck happened to the world this week, how to cope and what to do next.

On the Rag – Bono is the woman of the year and everything is a scary joke

Join us in our podcast locker room as we talk Paul Henry, pussy grabbing, and why it feels like the world is pranking women in 2016.

Podcast: On the Rag – Whopper August Edition dissects a truly awful month for women

We survived the gold medal sexism of the Olympics and much more to bring you this month's bumper 80 minute episode of despair.

Looking back on a total shitter of a week for women in New Zealand

Alex Casey and Leah Damm recap the hellish events for women in New Zealand last week, including the Kuggeleijn case, The Chiefs' behaviour and the curious case of Kevin Roberts.

Interview: Emily Writes and the toxic side of going viral

Emily Writes is a blogger whose incredibly frank and deeply funny writing on parenting has made her a hero to many mothers. Unfortunately, it's also made her the target of thousands of unaccountably angry men – especially after a recent review of Tarzan went viral. Alex Casey called her up to talk about it.

The face of NZ’s brave business future in the world? Men, men and more men

A recent international "innovation mission" was predictably and overwhelmingly dominated by men. To help organisers remedy such absurd and damaging imbalances, Anna Guenther and Jessica Venning-Bryan have produced a list …

Podcast: On The Rag – April Edition featuring hemlines, harassment and a vagina dialogue

Host Alex Casey is joined by comedian and writer Michele A'Court and Mana magazine editor Leonie Hayden to talk about what April held for women in New Zealand.

Won’t someone think of the Pākehā men?

Opinion: Are we really living in an era of "social media menace"? Jessica Williams doesn't think so.

Podcast: On the Rag – February edition featuring Barbie, Kesha and Return of Kings

A brand new episode of On The Rag, a podcast the state of women in pop culture, news and the world.

Podcast: On the Rag (January Heatwave Edition)

The second episode of On the Rag, wherein Alex Casey, Zoe Scheltema and Michele A’Court examine the month of January in women. Features Chris Gayle, Donald Trump and a nice man from Lower Hutt.

On the Rag: Women Beware – Even Vegetables Aren’t Safe Now!

Alex Casey is a human adult woman who reads the news and reports back. This week: tennis brides, the pro-heckling movement and endless 'everything makes you fat and dead' stories about food.

On the Rag: You Can’t Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it Too

Alex Casey is a human adult woman who reads the news. Every week she’ll report back on what she sees. This week: men's quotes, Crusher coverage and the real reason women should be grumpy.

Introducing ‘On the Rag’ – In Which Alex Casey Assesses a Week of Women in the News

Alex Casey is a human adult woman who reads the news. Every week, this is what she sees.