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The rise of social enterprise in New Zealand

With the Social Enterprise World Forum in Christchurch from September 27 - 29, The Spinoff is examining the way the sector is changing our economy. Alex Hannant, CEO of the Ākina Foundation, spoke to Simon Day about the development of the socially conscious business in New Zealand.

Social enterprise: trendy movement or real change?

Social enterprise – entrepreneurship that combines business nous with ethical aims – is on the rise. But is it anything more than a placebo effect that makes consumers momentarily feel good? Victoria Crockford finds if you want to remain relevant in 2017, you need to show your social credentials.

‘Every day I see something that makes me proud’: The toymaker who runs a social enterprise

Michelle Sharp was a corporate go-getter, working for Vodafone before co-founding a successful tech company. But the Kilmarnock Enterprises CEO says she found her path to happiness when she stepped off the business treadmill.

A perfect fit: How iwi investment in social enterprise could be good for all of us

As iwi organisations grow, Chapman Tripp's Nick Wells argues they should be establishing themselves as social enterprises to unlock their wealth for the greater good.