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The Friday Poem: ‘Night time words to Ruby’ by Elizabeth Smither

New verse by the winner of the 2018 Ockham New Zealand national book award prize for poetry, Elizabeth Smither.

Unity Books bestseller chart for the week ending July 27

The week's bigget selling books at the Unity stores in Willis St, Wellington and High St, Auckland.

The Friday Poem: ‘Mum and Mary’ by Sam Hunt

New verse by Kaipara poet Sam Hunt.

Book of the Week: The revolutionary live email interview with Tayi Tibble

Spinoff Review of Books editor Steve Braunias revives the revolutionary live email interview with a new star of New Zealand literature - the wildly talented Tayi Tibble.

The Friday Poem: ‘Witchy Wellington’ by CK Stead

New verse from Auckland writer CK Stead.

The Friday poem: ‘Lines from way back’ by Vincent O’Sullivan

New verse by Dunedin writer Vincent O'Sullivan.

The Friday Poem: ‘Jogging’ by Maggie Rainey-Smith

New verse by Eastbourne writer Maggie Rainey-Smith.

The Friday Poem: ‘Small Town Blues’ by Brian Turner

New verse by Oturehua writer Brian Turner.

The Friday Poem: ‘I want to get high my whole life with you’ by Hera Lindsay Bird

New love poetry by Wellington writer Hera Lindsay Bird.

The Friday Poem: ‘Keanu is afraid’ by Jane Arthur

New verse by Wellington writer Jane Arthur, who pocketed $5000 last week as winner of the 2018 Sarah Broom Poetry Prize.

The superstar in our midst: Hera Lindsay Bird takes London

Neil Young, our man in London, reports on Hera Lindsay Bird's appearance at the coolest bookstore belonging to the coolest literary magazine in the English-speaking world.

The Friday Poem: ‘Liking Similes’ by James Brown

New verse by Wellington writer James Brown

The Friday Poem: ‘The Hierarchy’ by Victor Billot

New verse by Dunedin writer Victor Billot.

The life and times of Gloria Rawlinson, New Zealand’s world famous ‘child poet’

All week this week the Spinoff Review of Books celebrates the rich, fascinating history of New Zealand literature. Today: Paula Green remembers Gloria Rawlinson, Auckland's 'famous young poet' of the 1930s. Postscript by Steve Braunias.

The Friday Poems: Four by Gordon Challis, 1932-2018

In memoriam: Golden Bay poet Gordon Challis.

The Friday Poem: ‘when does it start’ (in English and te reo) by Maraea Rakuraku

New verse by Maraea Rakuraku, taken from a new anthology in English and te reo (translated by Jamie Cowell).

The Friday Poem: ‘the life expectancy of a cloud’ by Paula Harris

New verse by Palmerston North poet Paula Harris.

The Friday Poem: ‘Brothers’ by Sam Hunt

New verse by Kaipara writer Sam Hunt.

The Friday Poem: ‘Independent woman’ by Eloise Grills

New verse by Australian writer Eloise Grills.

The stars of Auckland’s spoken-word poetry scene

Amanda Robinson meets five Auckland writers who are stunningly good at a much-derided art form – spoken word poetry.

The Friday Poem: ‘After…’ by Michael Hall

New verse by Dunedin writer Michael Hall.

The Friday Poem: ‘Y’ by Courtney Sina Meredith

New verse by Auckland writer Courtney Sina Meredith.

The Friday Poem: ‘This Beaver’s Thirst’ by Nick Ascroft

New verse by Wellington writer Nick Ascroft.

The Nietzsche of Lone Kauri Road: the life and verse of Allen Curnow

Vincent O'Sullivan assesses the 1957 Chrysler of New Zealand writing, Allen Curnow, the subject of a 700-page biography by the late Terry Sturm.

The Friday Poem: ‘In the 1960s an Influx of Māori Women’ by Tayi Tibble

New verse by Tayi Tibble, who was awarded the prestigious Adam Prize at Victoria University's IIML this week.