Tax heroes: Compare tax paid by NZ’s biggest companies, 2015-2017

The table below shows tax paid by NZX top 50 largest companies (by market capitalisation) in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Scroll across to view the full table and click on the columns to sort by the relevant number – and to see how they do and don’t relate to one another.

Revenue = income earned from a company’s activities. NPBT = net profit before tax. This is a company’s revenue (sales) minus its expenses (costs) before tax has been paid. ITP = total income tax payable. The amount of cash paid to IRD that year. CTR = cash tax rate. The % of NPBT the company has paid in tax that year. ETR = effective tax rate. The average tax rate applied to a company’s profit. SHF = shareholder funds. A company’s assets (property, cash, etc) minus its liabilities (money owed).

All figures are ($000).


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