Jane, Duncan and Alex are right there with you through all the mild NZ reality TV drama. Photo: Tina Tiller.

The Real Pod: Celebrity Treasure Island has gone full Lord of the Flies

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in reality television and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Dress us up in shit-covered clothing and send us to Disneyland with Richie McCaw, The Real Pod is back for another stonker week of real life in this foolish corner of the globe. In real news, influencers have paired up with Dettol to punk us all, celebrities are listening to our podcast and MAFSNZ is facing the edit job of a lifetime.

There’s also reality check, where we recap a truly terrible week on The Block NZ and a really wonderful time on Celebrity Treasure Island. The Whizz is the captain now, Shannon Ryan is an absolute vision and Matty McLean has lost his goddamn mind. But at least he listens to The Real Pod!

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