TelevisionDecember 13, 2016

Inside the Lightbox: An emergency Christmas gift guide for TV fans


With Christmas looming, we’ve assembled some of the best (cheapest) gifts you can buy for your TV-obsessed friends and family. 

It’s that joyous time of year when you realise you need to buy presents for a million people, except you don’t have the money or time to even wash your hair or eat a vegetable. Avoid the stress (and the mall rage) with this cheap and handy* gift guide we’ve put together for the die-hard television fans in your life.

For fans of Better Call Saul: An emergency blanket


Away from work and the computer over the summer weeks, it’s easy to realise just how much evil electrical devices impact your daily life. Make like Charles “Chuck” McGill and gift an emergency blanket to protect the electromagnetic pulses at bay in 2K17.

For fans of The Mindy Project: A wine bra


The silly season is all about concealing how much you are really capable of drinking from your friends, family and colleagues. Why not make like Mindy Lahiri and purchase The Wine Rack, a fillable bra that can stow away for than a few sips of your favourite chards.

For fans of Mr Robot: Antivirus software


Help a friend out this Christmas by giving them the greatest gift of all: the gift of cyber security.

For fans of Seinfeld: A sea sponge


We at The Spinoff are unsure if these even remain a medically-sound contraceptive device, but Elaine from Seinfeld sure swore by them. Buy a bunch from a scary, hemp-laden health store and pop them in a Christmas stocking to show your most sponge-worthy acquaintance how much they mean to you this holiday season.

For fans of American Horror Story: An old mattress


Weird pick? Yes. But everyone knows that a big present is a good present, and there’s pretty much nothing as cumbersome as a mattress. If your secret santa is the kind of person who might scream at a boil-ridden zombie exploding through a humble seam, we would highly recommend donning some prosthetics and doing just that.

For fans of Westside: A pack of raspberry lamingtons (not poisoned)


Everyone will be cranking out the Kiwi classics at the Christmas dinner table, so why not flip the script, throw the pavlova on the floor and whip out a nice pack of lammies instead? Just make sure you stay well away from the household rat poison.

For fans of Sherlock: These underpants


Enough said.

For fans of 30 Rock: Night cheese and a slanket


30 Rock is the gift that keeps on giving, and fans of the show will adore you for treating them to some sumptuous cheeses and the most ingenious leisurewear ever made.

For fans of Moone Boy: An invisible friend


The cheapest present of all.

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