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A handy Spinoff style guide to dressing like Chanel from Scream Queens


Lucy Zee salutes Chanel Oberlin of Scream Queens, the alpha of the comedy-horror series who never wears the same fur twice. 

The late 90s and early 2000s gave us the best teen films and TV shows of all time: Mean Girls, Clueless, Bring It On, Buffy and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Sadly, in more recent years, we have been plagued with brooding teen network dramas, depressed rich kids, the horny vampire genre and a year’s worth of hype over the Gilmore Girls reboot. They all took storylines, acting and fashion way too seriously.

Then hell opened up and Satan gave us Ryan Murphy who then created the trashy comedy-horror we all wanted and probably didn’t deserve: Scream Queens.


Combining glamour, campness, hot millennial brats and a murder-mystery storyline, Scream Queens is truly the breath of fresh polluted air we needed in our TV selection. With a star-studded cast including Jamie Lee Curtis, Niecy Nash, Ariana Grande and even Nick Jonas, the standout star for me was my problematic fave Emma Roberts playing President of the sorority house Kappa Kappa Tau, Chanel Oberlin.

Emma Roberts is highly underrated actress. I predict, one day, she will be the Helen Mirren of her generation, holding the award for Best Actress at the Academy Awards in 2039. Sure, she plays the same character in a lot of her work (the loud, rich, white, spoilt, entitled bitch of Wild Child and AHS: Coven) but in a world of sensibly dressed girls mumbling incoherent lines in front of some fairylights, Emma Roberts has set a new standard as The Bitch Who Will Ruin Your Life. Oh man, and does she look good doing it.

Check out her wardrobe staples in Scream Queens

She wears a lot of pink


… and a LOT of fur


Even more pink






Someone died? BLACK FUR


Basically, you’ll never see her wear the same thing twice



The wardrobe of Chanel is basically a character in itself. It’s exciting, playful, over-the-top and aspirational. I wouldn’t be able to afford or fit any of it, but that’s the entire point, right? You can try, but you will never be the modern day Barbie doll that is Chanel Oberlin. And, at risk of angering the Teen Movie gods, Chanel Oberlin has an even better wardrobe than Cher Horowitz.


Enjoy the killer couture of Scream Queens before the S2 finale arrives to Lightbox tomorrow night


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