Coming to Lightbox in July – Screaming sorority queens and the return of Mr Robot

Inside the Lightbox is a sponsored feature where we choose shows from the extensive Lightbox category that you might like to watch. This time, we announce all the piping hot content arriving in July. 

Scream Queens (S1 July 1)

“Shiny, gory and whip-smart, Scream Queens pummels the viewer into submission with sheer, rictus-grinning relentlessness” – Ed Power, The Telegraph

From the mind of television’s mad scientist Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck, American Horror Story) comes Scream Queens, mixing the pastel sorority world with the blood red havoc of a serial killer. Taking inspiration from the slasher flicks of the ’90s, a sorority pledge gone awry sees a devil-clad killer plucking students off one at a time.

Starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele with guest appearances including Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas – the celeb spotting is half the fun. Just don’t expect them to stay alive for too long.

The Blue Rose (S1 July 1)

“Antonia Prebble, as sweet heroine Jane, has the luminous, wide-eyed presence of a genuine movie star” – Catherine McGregor, Metro

Born of the same bulging brains (James Griffin and Rachel Lang) that conjured up Outrageous Fortune, Westside and The Almighty Johnsons, The Blue Rose joins its spiritual siblings on Lightbox in July. Described as an “investigative underdog drama,” The Blue Rose stars Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall as office temps who join forces to uncover the mysterious death of a colleague.

Two women kicking corrupt corporate butt in the name of justice? Nothing to be blue about there.

The Good Wife (S5 arrives July 1)

The Good Wife is one of the most addictive shows I have ever seen, and I’m jealous of all who are yet to embark on this journey.” – Aaron Hawkins, The Spinoff

Alicia Florrick (played with Emmy-winning flair by Julianna Margulies) is married to ratbag attorney Peter Florrick (Chris Noth), who gets caught with his pants down in a public scandal. Caught up in some corrupt dealings, he is imprisoned and Alicia is left to rekindle her dormant legal career at a prestigious firm called Lockhart, Gardner & Stern.

As it turns out, she is a very good lawyer indeed. So good they gave her a FIFTH season (and counting)

Hoff the Record (S2 July 1)

“It’s hard to not chuckle” – Brian Lowry, Variety

Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Comeback will enjoy Hoff the Record, starring Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff, 30 years after Knight Rider. The series follows him as he travels to the UK to film a biopic about his own life – and doesn’t even get the part. Tearing apart his own public persona and laughing openly at the desperation of the once-famous, Hasselhoff bares his soul in the name of comedy.

Father Brown (S2 July 1)

“One of the best things currently on television” – Christopher Stevens, The Daily Mail

Based on the works of English novelist GK Chesterton, Father Brown follows a Catholic priest in an English village in the 1950s. Utilising his rare insights into trusting members of the parish, Father Brown develops a keen ability for solving local mysteries. It’s a holy miracle.

Mr Robot  (Season 2 July 14)

“It’s a story about our collective enslavement to social media and capitalist systems. It’s a story about challenging notions of normalcy… it’s the true 21st century superhero saga that we need” – Aaron Yap, The Spinoff

Rami Malek, owner of the world’s largest eyes, plays Elliot, a computer programmer by day and an anarchistic hacker by night. Enlisted by the vigilante organisation FSociety, season one saw him join the mission to bring down the world’s most corrupt organisations from the inside-out. As for season two? Time for these hoodie-wearing misfits to take it to the next level.

Suits (S6 July 14)

“A slick, wisecracking and hyper-engaging legal procedural which is both utterly ridiculous and ridiculously charming” – Duncan Greive, The Spinoff

Let us never forget that watching the legal drama Suits helped Tim Lambourne win his tenancy dispute. And they say TV never helps anybody.

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