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Inside the Lightbox: The best shows to make it past 100 episodes


As Suits clocks up its 100th episode, Tara Ward rounds up more shows on Lightbox that have soared past triple digits. 

Only very special things make it to 100, like the Queen Mother, Kiwi shoe polish and legal drama Suits, which celebrates its 100th episode today on Lightbox. Suits has wrangled its way through seven solid seasons of legal battles and corporate conflict, giving us more drama and intrigue than Louis Litt in a mud bath.

Bless the good folk at Pearson-Darby for their never ending trail of lies and litigation, because everyone was honest and true then I wouldn’t have spent 100 glorious hours staring intently into Harvey Specter’s brown eyes. They are dark chocolate pools of deliciousness, and if Harvey is turning 100 then I am here to blow out all his candles and spit all over his cake and slur “happy birthday” to him like the irrational fangirl that I am.

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Let’s send out the royal telegrams and raise our bats to the crowd as we celebrate more legends that scored the televisual ton.

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spits on Suits’ century and raises it another 13,000 episodes. This mega soap opera has blessed us with 50 magnificent years of kidnappings, evil reincarnations, swamp girls, serial killers, and being buried alive in a sarcophagus. But who even cares what that is, when John Black is busy catching bullets with his bare hands? These really ARE the days of our lives.

Rating: 13,000/100 grains of sand through the hourglass


30 Rock

Long live Liz Lemon and 30 Rock, Tina Fey’s satire about the workings of a sketch comedy show. Sharp and self-aware, this classic comedy about a comedy will have you working on your night cheese all night, every night.

Rating: 98/100 quirked Alec Baldwin eyebrows


Like a medical Sherlock, Dr Gregory House saved over 100 lives by solving perplexing medical mysteries with his enormously genius brain. While I go straight to Dr Google with quality ‘sore eyelash will I die’ searches, House uses unconventional methods and treatments to simultaneously heal the world and piss off colleagues and patients alike.

Rating: 93.75/100 hypochondriac internet searches

Outrageous Fortune

Drink all the beer and set fire to the backyard in celebration of our own Kiwi gem reaching the magic hundy. Gather ye Hoochie Mamas and Tool Guys together to enjoy the best of what West Auckland has to offer: a fierce matriarch, endless family politics, a smattering of petty crime and a bloody good time.

Rating: 99/100 leopard skin dresses

Parks and Recreation

Listen, there ain’t no party like a Lesley Knope party. Treat yo self by celebrating 100+ episodes of all that is good and fair about local government with a Pawnee Fancy Party to end all Pawnee Fancy Parties. Just eat waffles, drink a shitload of Snake Juice and then fall in a big hole.

Rating: 100/100 waffles wrapped in bacon

The West Wing

This mega award-winning political drama from the 2000s still holds firm today, even if you do fall over laughing at the size of the computers. It’s a glimpse into the inner workings of a fictional Oval Office nobly led by President Jed Bartlet, with nary a spray tan or a Twitter outburst in sight. Also, spare a thought for the ensemble cast, who walked and talked their way around the White House for seven years and could probably do with a good lie down.

Rating: 96.5/100 big legislative words


Patricia Arquette stars in this drama about Alison DuBois, a suburban mother of three who indulges in psychic crime-solving in her free time. Alison sees visions of the dead while she’s asleep, which is either perfectly fine or a sign she’s eaten too much of Liz Lemon’s night cheese.

Rating: 95/100 spooky nightmares

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