The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

Albert-Eden-Roskill ward

Your Candidates

Cathy Casey Cathy CASEY City Vision

Christine Fletcher Christine FLETCHER C&R – Communities & Residents

Rob Harris Rob HARRIS Auckland Future

Peter Haynes Peter HAYNES City Vision

Benjamin Lee Benjamin LEE C&R – Communities & Residents

Greg Mckeown Greg MCKEOWN Independent

Boris Sokratov Boris SOKRATOV Independent

Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor Bridgette SULLIVAN-TAYLOR

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A blue S denotes a coveted Spinoff endorsement; a grey S = a capable candidate who didn’t quite make the cut. Click here for our general backgrounder.

Half of this decision was easy.

Cathy Casey is pro-public transport to the point of declaring war on cars, and we support her struggle against the four-wheeled metal beasts clogging up Auckland’s arteries. She also possesses the best voice on council: a bonnie Scottish brogue strong enough to make you shite your skiddies.

Though sometimes Casey can be guilty of being too idealistic – wanting affordable housing without sacrificing a single tree or ancient bungalow – she is still the best candidate on this list.

The other endorsement was more difficult.

Several candidates wouldn’t speak to Generation Zero. They were excluded.

Benjamin Lee has some good ideas, but is hampered by a lack of experience. Rob Harris is pretty good. Greg McKeown has mostly encouraging stances on public transport and housing. Peter Haynes is a passionate Mt Albertian, and strong community campaigner, but has already been the star of several failed council campaigns.

That leaves Christine Fletcher, the great spurned mayor of yore. She’s the architect of Britomart and has a respectable record in politics, yet spent much of the last term bitterly reciting her list of grievances and throwing heavy shade at Penny Hulse for daring to be the deputy mayor. Despite that she has a good grasp of a wide range of policy, is a strong supporter of public transport, and voted well in nearly all the major Unitary Plan debates.

Here’s to an improved next term.

Cathy Casey is the mum of Spinoff content creator Alex, but Alex is banned from involvement in this whole exercise which no doubt upsets her deeply