The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

Manukau ward

Your Candidates

Fa’anana Efeso Collins Fa'anana Efeso COLLINS Labour

Brendan Corbett Brendan CORBETT Respect Our Community Campaign

Alf Filipaina Alf FILIPAINA Labour

Sooalo Setu Mua Sooalo Setu MUA Auckland Future

Ika Tameifuna Ika TAMEIFUNA Auckland Future

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A blue S denotes a coveted Spinoff endorsement; a grey S = a capable candidate who didn’t quite make the cut. Click here for our general backgrounder.

Can some of the Manukau candidates stand in Maungakiekie-Tāmaki or Papakura? Whereas many of the candidates in those wards have all the political promise of a broken toilet cistern, Manukau’s field is sparkling with talent.

Efeso Collins may be the best of them. Importantly, he has an incredibly catchy jingle.

He also advocates strongly for funding more public transport and fewer roads, and building more social housing.

Shockingly, he has several equally competent rivals.

Auckland Future’s candidates Sooalo Setu Mua and Ika Tameifuna are also respected community leaders.

Brendan Corbett received one of the highest grade scores from Generation Zero for his across-the-board embrace of their compact city principles, and his desire to build it around and a fast, integrated public transport network.

But we decided to endorse the incumbent, Alf Filipaina. Not without reservations, though. Filipaina didn’t show up to the Unitary Plan hearings, preferring to head to the Rio Olympics to support a family member who was competing. But he’s been one of the key drivers of the Plan from its outset, and has been a staunch ally of Mayor Len Brown’s transport vision.