The War for Auckland: A Voter's Guide

Manurewa-Papakura ward

Your Candidates

Daniel Newman Daniel NEWMAN Manurewa-Papakura Action Team

Calum Penrose Calum PENROSE Independent

John Walker John WALKER Independent

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Would you rather eat your own foot or saw off your hand?

Welcome to deciding on whom to endorse in Manurewa-Papakura.

Calum Penrose is a fine candidate, and should do a passable job next term.

Sir John is an athletic legend and a local hero. But he is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, which has affected his performance in council. His votes at the Unitary Plan hearings seemed random at times. It’s hard to imagine he’s on top of the vast expanse of tedious information councillors are asked to digest on a weekly basis.

Daniel Newman is a classic “rates and waste” candidate. He harbours a special hatred for last year’s 9.9% rates rise, which included a transport levy to fund much-needed public transport projects. His blurb contains no vision for anything other than a world without BZP party drugs.

We decided to endorse Walker, not because he is reliably good, but because he seems less reliably bad.

Here’s to more people standing in Manurewa-Papakura in 2019.